Friday, November 22, 2013

Dr. Sung Hak Kim Given a Gift of an Ancient Stone Face with Inscription

1.9.14 - UPDATE: Jeff Benner of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center, has an interpretation of the inscription on this stone face: "This is most likely the name חו (hhiw), written from left to right. This name is found in the Biblical text as חוי (hhiwiy, usually transliterated as Hivites). The י (the letter yud - iy) suffix means "one descended from." So hhiw is the patriarch (and is the name found on this inscription) and hhiwiy (the name found in the Bible) are the people descended from hhiw."  The Hivites were Canaanites that are mentioned in the bible as a people during Jacob's time in Canaan, as rulers of Shechem (Gen. 34:2).  See Wikipedia write up on Hivites here.