Saturday, July 19, 2014

'Thornbush 2' Book Review of Dr. Kim's Discovery of Mount Sinai at Jebal al Lawz, Saudi Arabia -- soon to be published in South Korea

"Dr. Sung Hak Kim has discovered something incredible that all Christians should know about.  He has seen things that came directly from the hand of God, and have sprung to life from the pages of the bible.   There are only a select few individuals on Earth who have done what Dr. Kim has done... he has travelled in the footsteps of Moses himself.  Dr. Kim has found the actual historical, archaeological locations of the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt into Midian to the mountain of God, (called Mount Sinai in the bible).  The archaeological evidence for Mount Sinai, where God came down in a furnace of fire on the peak of Mount Sinai, and spoke directly to Moses and the Hebrew nation, is overwhelming at the true location in Midian (modern-day Saudi Arabia), as opposed to the conventional view that Mount Sinai is in the Sinai peninsula where there is not a shred of physical evidence.  Dr. Kim joins a few other Christians who have travelled in Saudi Arabia to the site of Mount Sinai (called Jebal al Lawz in Arabic), risking their lives at the hands of the Saudi military who has kept this location a closely guarded secret. If a phenomenal archaeological 'discovery of the century' like Mount Sinai of the Israelites were to be discovered in Saudi Arabia, it would only add to the political tensions in the Middle East. 

Dr. Kim's position as medical doctor to the Governor of Mecca for over a decade, allowed him free access to travel throughout the areas where Moses led the Israelite nation out of Egypt, through the springs of Elim, and through the desert wilderness to their final destination at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, and where the gold covered Ark of the Covenant was created to house the tablets of stone.  Dr. Kim spent a decade researching early Paleo-Hebrew writings, petroglyphs, stone carvings, and engravings that he found at ancient Hebrew campsites throughout the area of Northwestern Saudi Arabia near Jebal al Lawz.  

Dr. Kim joins several other intrepid amateur archaeologists who were led by God to find this site, previously hidden from the world for over 3500 years, such as, Ron Wyatt, and his sons Danny and Ronnie Wyatt of Wyatt Archaeological Research, Jim and Penny Caldwell of Split Rock Research, and Dr. Lennart Moller of the Karolinska Institute.  

If you are a Christian who has always wondered if the bible is an accurate historical document, these discoveries will put your mind to rest.  Every word of every scripture that discusses the Exodus is proven true, at this newly disovered site in Midian Saudi Arabia.  If you want to know where the events of Exodus took place, consider the startling new evidence that has been found near Jebal al Lawz, Saudi Arabia:

- Red Sea crossing: Ex. 14:1-3
- Springs of Elim: Ex. 15:27
- Mount Sinai: Ex. 19:18
- Jethro's (Reuel) well in Midian:  Ex. 2:15-21, Ex. 3:1
- Cave of Elijah:  1 Ki19:8-9
- Split Rock: Is. Ex. 17:6, 48:21
- Acacia trees:  Ex. 25:13
- Quail:  Nu. 11:31-32
- Gravestones at Rephidim:  Ex. 17:8-13
- Altar of the Golden Calf: Ex. 32:1-24
- Altar of Moses with 12 Stone Pillars: Ex. 24:4

Dr. Kim discusses all this, and more, in his latest book, Thornbush 2, soon to be published in South Korea, enjoy!"

-Erin Chapman