Friday, October 17, 2014

Dr. Kim's Exodus Discoveries - 2nd Korean Book a Bestseller!

My dear friend Dr. Sung Hak Kim, one of the few people chosen by God to discover and document the actual remains of Moses and the Israelites exodus from Egypt some 3500 years ago -- the split rock, the Cave of Elijah, Mt. Sinai and Mt. Horeb, the gravestones of Rephedim, the Almond trees, the Altar of Moses, the Altar of the Golden Calf, ancient Hebrew petroglyphs and menorah, and much much more -- all corroborating the bible scriptures.  His 2nd book is a best seller in South Korea - and his first book is being translated into English... stay tuned!! Dr. Lennart Moller and the Caldwells also found the same evidences of Exodus at Jebal al Lawz in Midian, Saudi Arabia.